Established 1975

"Maintaining the highest standards of karate-do"


At JKA Orpington we're about teaching quality karate and not making huge profits. Our dojo fees are amongst the most competetive, if not cheapest you'll find locally.

Pay-as-You-Go prices

Juniors (8-17 years)

£ 6 per session

    Adults (18+)

    £ 8 per session

      We acept Cash, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Debit or Credit Cards

      * All dojo fees MUST be paid prior to commencing training

      Unlimited Training Packages

      Juniors (8-17 years)

      £ 33 per month
        Less than £2.75 / lesson

      Adults (18+)

      £ 44 per month
        Less than £3.70 / lesson


      £ 55 per month
        ** Up to 4 family members

      For a fixed monthly price students can train in as many classes as you wish which provides significant savings. These packages are only available for students paying by Direct Debit.

      ** Our family package is for parents/children from the same household.

      • GRADINGS - Gradings are conducted by an external examiner and are registered with the Japan Karate Association England. The cost of each grading is £25 per student and includes a JKA Orpington certificate for successful students. New belts will be available to purchase.
      • ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP - There is an annual membership fee of £30 payable directly to our governing body JKA England. Beginners are welcome to train for a trial period of one month before membership is required. Students are required to obtain an annual licence in order to continue training and undertake regular gradings.

      “Karate is like boiling water: without heat,
      it returns to it's tepid state.”

      Gichin Funakoshi

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