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JKA Orpington Shotokan Karate Club was established in 1975 at the Walnuts Leisure Centre in Orpington. It was the first karate club located within the London borough of Bromley.

Founded by Senseis Graham Richardson and Mick Grout, the club was initially formed on the direction of one of the first karate black belts in the UK, Sensei Ray Fuller. Senseis Graham and Mick began training at the infamous Martial Street dojo under the legendary Sensei Enoeda, then chief instructor of the prestigious Japan Karate Association (JKA) within the UK.

Following Sensei Enoeda's sudden passing in 2003, Sensei Enoeda's chief assistant, Sensei Ohta, formed the Japan Karate Association England (JKAE) with whom we remain affiliated.

JKA Orpington has trained hundreds of karate students over the years. Some have even gone on to compete at international level and a small handful of dedicated students continue to train and teach today.

We are a friendly club who teach traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate to anyone who is enthusiastic and willing to learn!

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